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Make the move to Open Source Software Solutions with Charter Global.

As legacy systems age, they can be a challenge to maintain and support. The demand for open source software solutions continues to increase because of proven cost savings, improved performance, reliability, and security. The Charter Global team is experienced in assessing your environment to determine if Open Source is right for your business.

Big data

Big Data

Charter Global offers Big Data expertise and insight into aggregation, integration, and validation of data, and builds repeatable technology solutions for real world results.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about inter-connecting devices, vehicles, and even buildings. Compiling data in business systems simplifies access and ability to act on it.

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DevOps & Microservices

Charter Global provides skilled resources, tools, and guidance in implementing DevOps processes and Microservices architecture.

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Charter Global’s Open Source Center of Excellence has given a fresh outlook to companies looking to implement information systems for their enterprise needs.


Our dedicated open source Technology Excellence Group offers a combination of domain expertise and technology capabilities across verticals, enabling successful open source adoption. We provide cost-effective alternatives to the expensive and inaccessible solutions.

Call us today (888) 326 9933 and take control of your software and eliminate high licensing costs and reducing dependency on any single product vendor.

Oracle JD Edwards

Open Source Center of Excellence

Benefit from our shared experience and skilled resources. We offer platform assessment, planning, and implementation services.

Access to skilled developers with proven project experience

Supported by leading hardware and software providers

No annual proprietary software licensing fees means reduced cost and overhead

More robust coding for easy customization with reliable support community

Align with your business needs with modules and extensions

Identify and fix issues more quickly

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